The objective of RENEE is tο:

  • Ιmplement human-centric production systems relying on advanced robotics and AI to accommodate the remanufacturing of diverse states of used products.

  • Additionally, RENEE will accelerate the workforce upskilling/reskilling by deploying a remanufacturing educational platform and a set of operator support technologies.


RENÉE project addresses real life challenges of the remanufacturing industry through 4 major objectives:

  • Objective O1: Achieve sustainable remanufacturing operations in the context of enabling circular value chains with cross-sectoral applicability

  • Objective O2: Maximize product and component reusability by enabling traceability of the remanufacturing routes using the latest Digital Technologies and Standards

  • Objective O3: Enable flexible processes able to handle one-of-a-kind remanufacturing operations as per the retrieved product state exploiting smart mechatronics, interactive robots & hybrid production systems

  • Objective O4: Strengthening of the workforce capabilities for remanufacturing through human-centric process design, augmenting technologies and the RENÉE educational platform for skills development

  • Objective O5: Demonstrating technically and financially viable remanufacturing processes across multiple industrial sectors and performing focused outreach to the European (Re)Manufacturing Community