Work plan and resources

To efficiently manage project’s activities, a 48-months long workplan has been developed structured in 7 work packages (WPs).

RENÉE activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Specifications and requirements analysis: During the first 6 months, within WP2, the scenarios of the four use cases will be defined in detailed, followed by extraction of technology requirements and specifications.

  • RENÉE solutions catalogue definition: Up to M12, RENÉE technologies will be defined, the h/w and the s/w to be used, as well as the interaction and communication between the modules

  • Research and development activities: The primary research and development activities take place here. WP2-6 run in parallel, while the relevant h/w and s/w modules will be implemented:

    • Initial development activities: The initial research activities for the development of the technological solutions towards remanufacturing cases will be conducted within WP3, 4, 5 and 6 and be demonstrated by M24.

    • Final prototypes and testbeds integration: The final research activities for the development of the predefined technological solutions are taking place in the second phase of WP3, 4, 5 and 6, up to M42, where they will be integrated in the defined testbeds (WP2).

  • Piloting and validation: In WP2, RENÉE technologies will be deployed and tested for their robustness under the development of the four pilot cases, as well as they will be validated through pilot demonstrations. The fine tuning and final corrective R&D activities will lead to the final demonstrators, aiming to transfer the results in the actual production shopfloors by M48 within WP2. Activity types include technology integration, human centric design and performance assessment.

  • Dissemination and exploitation: During the whole project duration, WP7 activities will aim on increasing academia and industry interests on project’s outcomes and accomplishments (as reported on Section 2).