Remanufacturing of Robotics

  • Objective: Implement human-robot collaboration to enhance efficiency and scalability in remanufacturing.
  • Process: Manual waste robot collection, status assessment, and disassembly in common groups; TU/E and LMS provide interfaces and step-by-step instructions.
  • Automation: IIT, supported by STAM and LMS, integrates a high payload robot for strenuous disassembly, material sorting, and separation using vision algorithms and reconfigurable grippers.
  • Digital Twin: LMS deploys a digital twin for workstation reconfiguration, dynamic decision-making, and robot skills development with multi-modal interfaces.
  • Safety and Integration: STAM, IIT (supported by LMS) focus on implementing a multilayer safety system, control strategies, safe grippers, and robot enhancements; INESC and INTRA integrate DPP and AAS for data flow, with INESC investigating value chain configuration for sustainability.